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   Welcome to the latest Newsletter of Project EarlyNutrition and the Early Nutrition eAcademy

ENeA SEA eLearning Platform is now online!

We are happy to announce that the website of our newest project, The Early Nutrition eAcademy Southeast Asia (ENeASEA) is now online. As an Erasmus+ Capacity-Building Project, ENeASEA develops innovative e-learning for practicing doctors in the field of early nutrition in Southeast Asia. EU, Thai and Malaysian partners are jointly developing science-based education, tailored to the needs of the Southeast Asian region. Our goal is to offer the latest recommendations for everyday practice and maximise outreach to the wider healthcare community. (HCPs e.g. obstetricians, gynaecologists, paediatricians). 

Prof. Berthold Koletzko, MD
Coordinator Project EarlyNutrition

Managing Director of ENA

New Focus Module "Micronutrients in Lactation and Pregnancy"

Good nutrition is fundamental for good
health, and is especially important for
women during pregnancy and the lactation
period. Additional maternal energy
requirements during pregnancy and lactation are only 10% higher than in the non-pregnant or non-lactating state.
However, the requirement for some
micronutrients increases considerably
and may have profound consequences
for fetal development.

In this module, critical micronutrients for
pregnancy and lactation are discussed in
detail. An overview of relevant nutrients
is presented, including biological function,
physiological requirements and consequences for optimal fetal and infant development.
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ENeA Goes Coursera - our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

"What aspects of my lifestyle and behavior should I keep a close eye on during pregnancy? What am I allowed to eat? What about physical exercise and sporting activities?"
These are frequent questions doctors and midwives hear. Our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provides answers to these and many other questions relating to diet and nutrition during pregnancy. The course is intended primarily for doctors and midwives who are constantly confronted with questions like these, but medical students and other interested parties can also profit from it.
Now our Coursera Course is available with Portugese subtitles as well!
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Focus Module "LC-PUFAs in Pregnancy, Lacation and Infancy

Fat is the most energy dense macronutrient. The human body requires dietary fats not only as an important energy source, but also for many physiological functions. Early life, pregnancy and lactation are life stages associated with special LC-PUFA requirements. Healthy growth, development, vision, neurological and immune function are closely linked to LC-PUFA intake.

In this module, the perinatal importance of
LC-PUFAs from pregnancy until late infancy
will be discussed in detail. An overview of
chemistry, metabolism and physiological
action will be discussed. Strong focus is
placed on health outcomes for mother and
child, as well as recommended intake for
different life stages.
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